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 May 11, 12, & 13 2018!!
FREE Western Dressage Clinic Friday 10:00 am May 12th with Cathy Drumm All Breeds are Welcome!!   Topics are but not limited to: The different “gaits” within each gaits. Varying paces and lengthening strides. What correct collection is and how to achieve it. The use of weight and seat aides for effective transitions and bending. Improve balance of horse and rider.
WDAA recognition #17-117
Would you like the opportunity* to be coached and critiqued on riding a test? Call Bill Bohl at 860-596-4143 and Join us for a 
*Space is limited - if interested please call as soon as possible to reserve your ride
This year’s DRESSAGE judge – 2017 SPORT HORSE NATIONAL PANEL JUDGE Cheryl Connell-Marsh "R", East Lansing, MI
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Updated 3/12/2018
Friday: Free Western Dressage Clinic
Saturday:  Open Western Dressage Intro - Level II
Sunday:  Arabian & Half Arabian Western Dressage Intro - Level II